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Commander RSwN (R) Manne K. A. KOERFER

CEO and Founder


I possess a proven international track record as an industrial executive featuring more than 20 years of experience from the Swedish defence industry. I previously served as CEO for a public Swedish defence electronic defence company over a five-years period.

I have worked and lived in Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and in England. For more than two decades, I have gathered business experience  in the US, the Gulf area, India, Japan, South Korea, South Africa and South East Asia.

I am a Chartered Engineer, with degree in Mechanical Engineering and I earned my Bachelor of Arts from Uppsala University in German, Eastern European Studies and Military History.

Post graduate studies include several management courses at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland.

I am a Commander, Royal Swedish Navy Reserve.

"Commander Koerfer is an enthusiastic leader and extraordinary driving manager who established a complete turnaround of the company.

He shaped a climate of “we will make it”. His drive inspired the whole company and thanks to that, took it to a new level."

Mr. Göran E. Larsson, former chairman of the board


Being an experienced leader and adviser, I will do what is needed in order to deliver what is required. I act and lead in a consistent, fair and assertive way keeping focus on objectives and performance. As a strategic, forward thinker, I analyse and structure projects, processes and procedures and then set out to turn these plans and concepts into results.

I involve and engage relevant parties, I motivate and I encourage them to go outside their comfort zones and challenge themselves, and I correct them if so needed – always with mind's eye on the common good and set goals.

Developing ideas, finding creative and feasible solutions with a Management Team, securing new markets and sales successes and putting companies back on track and restoring profitability,  that is what inspires and motivates me. Surrounding the aforementioned, I am convinced that safeguarding a responsible ethical and moral foundation no matter where the business is carried out, is a must in today's society and absolutely critical for sustainable company success.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the

courage to continue that counts”

Sir Winston Churchill


Being an officer for 30 years, manager and true leader, I have an open and honest personality, approaching solutions with a pragmatic and confident demeanour whilst at the same time honouring the involved team, respecting their skills, their need for engagement and for appreciation.

I am loyal to principles, employees and stakeholders and create a foundation of trust for the assignments at hand. I will stand by taken decisions, even if their effects should be criticised or painful in relation to a change management and/or a turn-around situation. I consider it to be my mission and passion to continuously and sustainably improve employee performance, turnover and results. When communicating, I will always be clear and “put the fish on the table” if needed. Creating and securing a team spirit of “yes, we can do this”,

a mutually developed and agreed team work for approaches, solutions and successes will provide a deep feeling of satisfaction among the involved parties.


For more than 20 years, I have worked within, led and advised companies in doing successful business around the world primarily within the defence and security domain.

Throughout my professional career, I have been involved in the execution of complex and highly technological projects ranging from small electro-optical sighting systems to fighter aircraft.  Personal and hands-on experience gained from these comprehensive tasks are the foundation and thus credibility for being a trusted adviser. 

My experience and contact network will be your advantage and key to success.


Due to signed confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, I am unable to publicly provide detailed information regarding principles or projects, whether finalized or ongoing.

Should there be an interest to learn more about a specific collaboration, I would be happy to provide such additional information.


Swedish Armed Forces

"Representing the Royal Swedish Navy and the Swedish defence industry on the global market for more than 20 years, Commander Koerfer has always acted in the most honourable way, building long-term relations, winning customer confidence and respect. Commander Koerfer has a profound understanding and knowledge of defence acquisition as a whole, featuring everything from technical to tactical specifications, to life cycle cost."

Vice-Admiral Jan Thörnqvist, former

Chief Joint Operations, Swedish Armed Forces


"Commander Koerfer created the confidence that Saab would be a reliable and trustworthy partner for the execution of a 2.2 billion

Swiss Franc acquisition programme and for reliable support during the next 40 years."

Mr. Juerg Weber, former new fighter aircraft programme director at armasuisse, Switzerland

Sultanate of Oman

"In the course of working with Manne, I discovered that he is endowed with a combination of natural assets. He has an ability to read people and respond to them in an appropriate manner: in other words, he is diplomatic. He has a good analytical mind which enables him to quickly assess a problem and reach a pragmatic solution."

Mr. Brodie Galbraith, former General Manager,

defence division, Tawoos LLC,

Sultanate of Oman”

German Navy

"As Saab representative, Commander Koerfer made an impressive job. He was always present, always well informed, essentially and effective in his arguments, at all times in closest cooperation with the German Armaments Department, the contracting agency BWB, the German Naval offices, the German shipyards and the German partner company Diehl."

Rear-Admiral Karl Wilhelm Rosberg,

former admiral naval procurement

for the German Navy and German MoD

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