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Helping CEO's and business leaders to become a better version of themselves, to take better decisions with better results.  

“95% of people play not to lose. I play to win”

Commander RSwN (R) Manne K. A. Koerfer


Being an experienced leader and adviser, I will always go the extra mile to deliver what is required.  I act and lead in a consistent, fair and assertive way keeping focus on objectives and performance.

Proven sales success

In Germany, I was successful after 8 years of campaign work featuring 160 in-country visits, to win a contract worth 150 million USD for a Swedish missile system for the German Navy.

In Switzerland, I led a marketing campaign worth 2 billion CHF. After 5 years of industrious work, the Swiss choose the Swedish fighter aircraft “Gripen”  as their next front-line fighter.

In Sweden, I led a complete turnaround including a 1 million EUR share issue with a public defense electronics company, thereby restoring profitability securing a new customer base world wide.

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I have an open, honest and realistic personality and I possess distinct social competence. I have repeatedly proven that I capable to inspire my employees with the company vision and engage them for the set objectives.

My demeanour is confident and appropriate. I have a target-oriented approach and will always go the extra mile in order to deliver requested results. I am multi-lingual and trained in dealing with the media.

Based on my broad experience and international sales experience, I consider it to be my mission and passion to continuously and sustainably improve employee performance, turnover and results.

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