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The company offers advise and help to make leaders grow, transform businesses in order to meet or exceed the requirements in a changing world.   

Interim management on C-level

Offering short and longer interim assignments as CEO, COO or CMO. I have the capability to understand the situation in large and thanks to a broad management experience, apply the right measures and report to governance in order to obtain requested business results.

I have previously delivered profit/loss responsibility, Marketing and Sales, business development, business intelligence, project management and communication.

Advising prior to market entry

Prior to a costly and full-scale launch of Marketing and Sales activities on a new market, I can support the principle to assess which products are likely to be successful, what to consider regarding key decision makers, key influencers, the acquisition process, cultural and practical aspects of doing business in Sweden, or selected other countries.

This would typically take three months from agreed scope

of and done assessment and report.

Board assignments

Being board experienced from positions with both public and private companies, I can contribute to the common good with my general management experience of board work, AGM's, share issues, the financial market, stakeholder issues, turn-around situations, restructuring processes, business development and Marketing and Sales.

More than 20 years of experience

For more than 20 years, I have worked within, led and advised companies in doing successful business around the world primarily within the defence and security domain.

Throughout my professional career, I have been involved in the execution of complex and highly technological projects ranging from small electro-optical sighting systems to fighter aircraft. Personal and hands-on experience gained from these comprehensive tasks are the foundation and thus credibility for being a trusted adviser. My experience and contact network will be your advantage and key to success.


  Commander RSwN (R) - Manne K. A. Koerfer

”In fair weather

anyone can be

a helmsman” 


Offering an existing contact network

Finding the right partner and/or distributor is one of the most difficult tasks for any company planning a new market entry. Many feel called upon, though only few are fit for the job. Securing the right partner/distributor and adviser(s) will not only contribute to a solid platform for a long-term and customer trustworthy business establishment, it will also make life for the marketing and sales personnel on the ground so much easier. Not to mention the savings made otherwise spent on the wrong people.

Change management and turn-around

Leadership is about passion, presence and performance.  Seeing what needs to be done and keeping the mind's eye focused on set targets. At the same time, people must be involved, encouraged to move out of their comfort zones to deliver – often much more than anyone thought was possible. Creating the joint esprit, “yes we can do this”, will be essential to any organisation, whether Research and Development or Marketing and Sales.